Why Ravacan

Automate communications with Suppliers, anticipate crises, produce with efficient.

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Your PLM & ERP tools are monolithic, so you spend hours creating spreadsheets, sharing bits and pieces via email and consolidating them back.

You've just found the missing link!

Ravacan brings supplier collaboration to your organization by creating a secure and easy to use sourcing and supply tool.


Demand Planning

Get the most up-to-date BOMs and Top-Assembly quantities and we automatically generate granular monthly demand planning you can share with your suppliers.

Price Updates and Approvals

Automatically or manually request price, leadtime, MOQ and daily capacity updates from your suppliers. Review changes and approve and automatically share with your CMs.

Spend Analytics

Analyze your CBOMs and get a clear picture of your future spending by supplier, commodity, product lines and more.

Make the switch to smart procurement operations

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