Why Ravacan ?

Empower your industrial sourcing teams to scale operations, drive more efficient supplier relationships, no matter how unpredictable the market might get.

Anything but the status quo

How much time do your procurement teams spend creating spreadsheets, sharing bits and pieces via email with suppliers, and then manually consolidating all that information? And how are you managing supplier relations in the “new normal”? Ravacan is proven to create massive efficiency gains for enterprise procurement operations, and even more during market disruptions where travel is severely restricted.

Ravacan is unique

Ravacan is an easy-to-use sourcing and supply tool that brings efficient, error-free supplier collaboration to your organization.

Fast setup

Import your BOMs, Approved Vendor List and legacy prices in a matter of minutes.

Suppliers love Ravacan

It is most probable that your suppliers are already on Ravacan, but if not it is very easy to invite them to collaborate. To date, 100% of the suppliers invited are using Ravacan.

Effenciency Boost

Delegate your non-value-added tasks to Ravacan and scale your sourcing team. Our customers free up 25% of their time to focus on strategy and relationships.

Immediate saving

With automatic consolidation of demands forecasts and visibility over the structure of their spend, Ravacan OEMs have exceeded their cost saving targets by 2% on average each quarter.